The purpose of this prototype was to demonstrate to potential clients, the power of the KarFarm Analytics Dashboard. Dealership Managers have expressed pain points in centralizing and dealing with unstructured data, and this was our solution to their pain points.



Currently, in the automotive industry, there is a lot of unstructured data and a lot of decentralization. As a result, dealership Managers and stakeholders find it difficult to make quick decisions.



KarFarm wanted to provide business intelligence by structuring the data and developing an all-in-one web-based application in order to provide stakeholders with more intelligence to base decisions off of.




Target Audience 


Main target audience of the dashboard would be business stakeholders, sales staff, service advisors and dealership managers at dealerships.

Primary Persona 


Name: David Harris

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Location: Santa Clara, CA

Education: Bachelor’s Degree

Income: 80K

Occupation: Dealership Sales Staff

Marital Status: Married

David is a hard-working sales staff at a Tesla dealership in Santa Clara, CA. He loves meeting new people and has a strong passion for what he does. He also has a loving family. He loves spending days off with the family.



1. Maximum efficiency when dealing with clients.

2. See how many cars he sold and how many new test driving inquiries came in this week and this month.



David has to keep track of the inquiries from customers manually. Therefore he spends a lot of time on repeating manual steps across several sources, when he could be spending that time with clients









Iteration Process 


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 1

1. The gray background of the calendar makes the numbers difficult to see, so we created a white background so the data would be more clear. 


2. There was a issue in four sections where the users had to click several times than once, making the process cumbersome. However, I put them in one place so they could see four options at a the same time, simultaneously reducing the number of clicks.


3. This is where you can see a list of customers who have reserved a chat with their users. However, this part was deleted because it was difficult and complex for users to match customer information with reservation times.


4. The letter size of the date and day were too small, I changed this to a larger font size.


5. This schedule adds one line every hour because it can be difficult and confusing for users to identify schedule times individually. You can also view the customer's photos and names on the scheduled.

Step 2

6. The size of the picture was so large that the overall balance was thrown off. Therefore, the size was reduced and the view became much easier.

Step 3




Younjee Nam

Visual Designer

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