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I undertook extensive research, writing, and image gathering to create a book on a topic. This project’s topic is movement. This book is an expression of my daily life. During the day my feelings and movements change depending on what music I hear, how I feel, and where I am. I just move and imagine what the situation is. For this project, I focused on five particular movements and chose a corresponding color for each. The photos are 2D, but I wanted to express the movements as 3D, which is why I employed a color with each movement.
스크린샷 2019-05-12 6.42.35 PM.png
스크린샷 2019-05-12 6.42.56 PM.png
스크린샷 2019-05-12 6.42.42 PM.png
스크린샷 2019-05-12 6.43.05 PM.png
스크린샷 2019-05-12 6.43.12 PM.png
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