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Women's menstrual products have caused issues for women for years. Problems associated with disposable reusable products that claim to be safe, organic, and clean continue to emerge all over the world. Most companies do not disclose ingredients used in disposable menstrual products. Many women don’t realize that reusable menstrual products can supersede disposable menstrual products. As a person who uses disposable menstrual products, I am interested in these problems and more importantly in the solutions.

Strategy Chart 


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Brand Naming 


My brand name is FREESIA. Freesia is the name of a flower and this flower symbolizes the idea of supporting new beginnings. Why is this brand the name of a flower? Usually, many people give flowers when they celebrate. My logo congratulates women use my brand, it means trying this brand will support and benefit them when they use it.

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I use pastel colors that are soft and comfortable. The pink color represents femininity. It represents the blood of menstruation, and it also refers to a woman's uterus. Blue means health. It expresses a clean and clear feeling. Yellow is the gold color of money. Green represents the color of nature. These color references are common enough that they can be easily understood.

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Illustration Style

My theme is a theme of physiology, so using a realistic picture can be off-putting to people. I tried to create a softer and more intimate look by using organic shapes and details, especially in the flowers which were hand drawn to express the beauty of women.

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I made four posters. The main poster includes three icons representing health, finance, and the environment. The other three posters include a single icon that represents either health, or finance, or the environment. The freesia bouquet in the middle of the main poster celebrates your choice of this product, and expresses how your choice improves your life.


By using the image of a uterus, I am creating an icon that emphasizes women's health.



By using the image of a piggy bank, which is a symbol of collecting money, I am creating an icon that represents positive finance.



By the using the image of flowers growing out of a menstrual cup, I am creating an icon that communicates a nature-friendly product. It connotes environmental responsibility.


FREESIA Packaging




The purpose of the event is to create an educational forum that can help women learn about reproductive health and make the right choices. When women become adults, they do not have access to education like a school, so I made such an environment and opportunity as an event.

• Discount Card

• Video

• Speaking

• Booklet

• Experience

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This website is an educational site that makes it easy for women to understand the problems of disposable products and the benefits of reusable products. FREESIA also sells products so women can buy reusable products. The main point of this website is that women can get an email consultation with gynecologist. We provide services that make it easier for women to ask questions whenever they have an abnormality or a concern, wherever they are.

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Create ads showing how reusable menstrual products are more economical and can help women save. These ads can be for magazines, supermarkets, and public restrooms that women often use. 

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The main function of this app is to clearly show the menstrual calendar and track money savings. The app is divided into five systems.

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FREESIA Exhibition


This exhibition has created opportunities for people to see and feel the result of menstrual product trash themselves. Based on my initial surveys, people throw away trash without knowing the consequences. The garbage of disposable menstrual products used by many women is abandoned here and there and adversely affects nature. Most importantly, people can not stop the habit of using disposable menstrual products Immediately because they are used to these products. Rather than simply recommending the use of reusable products, it is most effective to recommend reusable menstrual products after showing the trash left behind by disposable menstrual products. Exhibitions include photos, sculptures and stores.