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I produced all the deliverables of a film festival for the director Stephen Frears. My title is Hollow Truths and the idea is that behind the laughing mask lies jealousy, greed, and hatred. The concept behind this is that we hurt others with a fake smile because our inner lives are empty and meaningless.
In a poster, a woman who is hiding her true self is covering her face with paper.
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The inside of the catalog is mostly black and white to depict the true nature of oneself. There is also a torn part in the book.

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While the ticket only displays one person, the design of the ticket signifies that one has to dig deep in order to find the true self of a person. The overlapping paper design with the ripped hole in the middle represents the deep nature of a person. By pulling out a tab of the ticket, one is able to witness a side of truth of the person.


While the schedule only displays one person, much of the person is hidden, just as it is hard to see the true self of a person. However, as each page is opened, a layer of truth of the person is exposed. Fully opened, the full schedule is displayed.


Using the ripped paper effect from the main poster, three different ads were created.

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Product- Mask

This is a mask. Hide behind this mask and experience the hollow truths.

Product- Decorative of Mask

This is a decorative of mask. You can look at it from the perspective of a third party.

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I took care of the layout so that I could easily see each part of the website.

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